It’s the Small Victories…

Yep, I lifted that.  155 pounds.  Cross Fit has become a very important part of my life.  From the point of not being able to properly squat even once, not being able to manage one decent push-up, and working with PVC pipes because I wasn’t yet ready for an actual barbell, to where I am now it has been many small victories.  So I am awfully bummed that I haven’t been able to go for 3 weeks!


Since I am now recovering from a terrible fibromyalgia/psoriatic arthritis flare, and now this brutal bronchitis, I have seen a couple more small victories that are not evident at The Box.  You know those cold/allergy medicines that come in the blister packs that are so darn hard to open?  Well, I can now open them easily, without the aid of teeth or scissors!  Hear that, Mom and Dad?  I am no longer using my teeth!  Hot damn that was a cool revelation!  Guess that grip is getting a bit better!  Oh, and that feeble, old lady cough I used to have?  Well now THAT is LOUD with lots of force, even scared my super laid-back cat!!

And even though I am still hacking up half a lung a few times a day, just for sh*ts and giggles I got down and cranked out a few decent push-ups tonight, so all is not lost yet!

Deadlifting a new PR is exhilarating and rewarding, but I kinda think those two smaller victories almost beat out the obvious milestones.  So cheers to the small victories….

May your burpees be smooth and effortless, your power snatches be swift and sure, and may your kettle bells feel light as a feather, and your speed rope sing as you fly through double unders.  And may you leave it all on that mat.  All your tension, stress, frustration, anger and disappointment.  Use those emotions to power through and deliver your best workout ever, one where you KNOW you could not have done one more rep.

‘Til next time, peace out!


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