Time for a little Tweaking, (not twerking!)

I will be making a few changes on this blog to make it a bit more user friendly and easier to navigate.  I also want to make sure that every post is in my authentic voice – the voice my friends and family hear from me.  So, don’t be surprised if you see things changing!

Tonight’s supper was baked pork with a spicy/sweet jalapeño glaze.  Ooooooweeee, that was some good vittles!  The jar of jelly is so beautiful I almost didn’t want to use it

See what I mean?  Golden shimmering gorgeousness right there.  The seller made me promise him I would do more than put it on a block of cream cheese and I am so glad I did!
Now I am retiring after putting on my much loved White cotton gown.  I prepare my nightly warm drink.   I have my selections easily at hand.  I settle on 2 cups of Matcha Green Tea powder with lots of raw, organic, local honey.  There sure is a lot of green stuff going on around this house these days!

I invite you to follow me…I have been working on some nice freebies to give away to my subscribers, so keep checking back here!
Have a super sweet, lovely, glamorous week!



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