Today has been a Good Day…

Rising to the challenge of Sarah Jenks Live More Challenge, today I spent a huge amount of effort beautifying the things that I use every day.  

I went through my makeup bins and trashed all the lipsticks that have gotten funky. ( I have small lips and don’t normally wear much color so I have never ever used a whole tube of anything!). Got rid of the mascaras that just aren’t suitable for our humid south Texas summers, and organized everything so that I actually can see what I have.  I moved everything down to my top two dresser drawers so I can see down into them and it is all hidden from our superhero dust bunnies!

Organized chaos!

It dawned on me that my inherited vintage deviled egg tray and whatever-you-call-those other tray things make a great way to organize my s*it shelf…great for small earrings and stuff that you tend to wear most often and put on last minute as you are dashing out the door with your tail on fire! 

There’s those earrings!

In the midst of doing all that, I did get interrupted once to go to town to get mosquito spray for our horse Beauty and some lawnmower parts, and then a second time to help my husband sit the fuel tank back down on his little old tractor he had to do some repair on.

Now, I am happily sitting in our super comfy bed, in my white cotton gown, sipping matcha with raw honey out of my long ago gifted Old Country Roses teacup and saucer that has been sitting in a curio cabinet far too long. I decided that I deserve to drink tea every evening out of something that I find so enchantingly romantic.

Golden streams of pure joy!

Cleaning out the backs of cabinets, drawers and shelves, I stumbled across a couple of old partially read beautiful, hardcover trashy novels…I think I may start devoting Saturday nights to reading a little fiction!

Wishing you a terrific Sunday!



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