Fantasy Makeup Workshop Photoshoot

As an airbrush makeup artist for many years, I see many beautiful women (and a few men!) who hire me for my skill.  My usual client is a bride, or bridal party, and I LOVE my brides.  I absolutely feel so fulfilled when I send a client off feeling like she is presenting the best version of herself.  My goal is always to just “polish the diamond”.  Some request a little more polishing than others….note, I said REQUEST, not need!  I would be horrified if someone ever came to me saying they didn’t even recognize my client after I had done my thing!  

That being said, sometimes it is a lot of fun to stretch your skills and imagination just a leeetle bit!!  I am so thankful there are some willing souls who will offer their faces and hair for us makeup artists to play on!  Here are a few images of some fun stuff we have done!

This was my first attempt at Pop Art makeup.  I had never seen it before, but I gave it a shot….I think I might like to try a bit more of this sometime.  It was quite fun!

This was Kimberley, who so diligently took selfies showing the progression of this work.  Here I was going for a kind of wild, tribal kind of theme.  Wardrobe did not quite match my idea, but that’s ok.  I was still stoked about how INSANE her eyes were complimented!  She has really huge blue eyes!

These two following ones were some of my absolute favorites of pretty much all time.  This also was my first experience with Sugar Skulls, and I prefer the pretty ones, not the scary ones, thank you very much!

This sweet young girl was thrilled with the idea of being bedazzled!!

This poor (Real!) snake was so scared he peed all over Brittany!  Apparently, they are more afraid of us than we are of them.  I don’t know…I am liable to fill up my Depends if I ever got this close to one!!

Thanks for sharing along in the fantasy with me!  Being in the skin care and makeup world, I am totally willing to blog about things that enquiring minds want to know, so be sure to leave a comment and if it is something within my realm I will definitely get that discussion going!

Have a great Tuesday!



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